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Our present professional consulting firm started out in Florence Italy in 1977 as Studio Francalanci, specialized in tax, partnership and corporate consulting. Over the years the firm built up into a an enlarged professional association taking on the new name “SBF Consulting”. This occurred after our firm’s staff had expanded to include a much wider range of professional competences and once the decision had been taken to enlist the full-time collaboration of other business-related consultants such as notaries, lawyers and architects. Our range of specialisations guarantees a full-coverage assistance to the client company, which can entrust one single firm with the ever-arising problems and obligations relevant to conducting its business operations. The client thus gains considerable savings in terms of both time and expenditure. SBF Consulting observes a particular Client Relationship policy, which means following each business problem the Client has to its resolution with rapid intervention,   perseverance and thoroughness. In addition, SBF Consulting is present in various positions in the Society of Statutory Auditors, and we systematically take care of all matters concerning Due Diligence. Over the past few years, SBF has become specialised in performing services for foreign companies interested in investing in or in developing projects in Tuscany and Italy. Thus, with our know-how, we can enable our client companies and enterprises to fully internationalise. To this end, we have strengthened co-working relationships with professional consulting firms in the United States, Germany, England, Russia, France and Spain. As to the employees in our home office, we have highly qualified people, many of them Italian-English bilinguals, who are able to take care of any professional need.

Consulenti di impresa-studio SBF

The partners

SBF Consulting is a team of professionals who owe their long-standing success to their founding idea of chartering a set of core values to guide the services they offer their clients: personalised attention to the client’s needs, high level of partner and staff expertise through continuing professional development in all its service areas, timely application of innovation in the work environment, advising based on well-founded research and knowledge.



Here are a few examples of of the most commonly requested services offered by SBF.



  • Tax and accounting services
  • Tax returns
  • Business venture set-up
  • Foreign business venture set-up
  • Extraordinary business operations: change in partnership type, mergers, partnership dissolution, and business liquidations
  • Financial advising to business enterprises
  • Drafting national and international contracts
  • Trusts


  • Internal audits
  • Statutory audits
  • Appraisals and technical expertise
  • Extraordinary business operations: change in type of business organisation, mergers, partnership dissolution, and company liquidation



  • Bookkeeping
  • Electronic filing of forms
  • Filing CCIAA applications
  • Safeguarding company’s real estate & assets
  • Implementing legal provisions aimed at reducing indebtedness
  • Business management consulting



The SBF original home office is in Florence, Italy, and a subsidiary office has been operating in Rome for several years.. In both cases, the offices are easy to reach from city airports and railway stations.




Via dei Sette Santi, 53 50131 Firenze
Tel: +39 055 5000850 – +39 055 577074
Fax: +39 055 578592
Dr. Massimo Francalanci
Dr. Stefano Sacchetti
Dr. Tommaso Francalanci
Rag. Fioremma Berti


Via Caio Mario, 13 00192 Roma
Tel: +39 055 5000850
Fax: +39 055 578592
Dr. Massimo Francalanci
Dr. Stefano Sacchetti
Dr. Tommaso Francalanci
Rag. Fioremma Berti