A high honours graduate in Economics and Business Management from the University of Florence (Italy), Massimo Francalanci started his professional career by building up first-hand experience in business consulting in a prestigious consulting firm, after which in 1977 he sat the state exam to receive certification as CPA and Auditor. He is officially inscribed in the Florence Register of Certified Public Accountants, in the Technical Consultants Registry at the Florence, Italy Courthouse, the Auditors Register and the Florence Chamber of Commerce Register as professional Arbiter.

Here are the specific areas in which Dr. Massimo Francalanci is specialised:

  • fiscal assistance for physical persons and partnerships;
  • appeals directed at tax commissions at every government level;
  • tax returns for corporations, partnerships and individuals;
  • drawing up balance sheets;
  • appraisals, at times on appointment from the Florence Courthouse, contract stipulation in the areas of buying/selling enterprises and real estate;
  • contract stipulation as regards business mergers and demergers as well as partners’ investment shares;
  • contract stipulation in general and any kind of bank consulting needs the client may require.