Stefano Sacchetti got his degree in Economic and Banking Sciences in 1992 from the Università of Siena (Italy), with a thesis in Comparative Commercial Law: French, German and Italian law codes.  After several months of practicum in an accounting firm, in 1994 he passed the state exam, thus obtaining certification to practice as Certified Public Account and was accepted into the CPA Register in 1995, as well as the Courthouse Technical Consultants Register in 1996, the Auditors Register in 1999 and in the Register of Certified Arbiters in 2005.

Areas of specialisation:
Court Receiver in Bankruptcy, Court Consultant, Auditor, Arbitration Magistrate, Qualified professional to submit appeals to Tax Commissions, National and international tax planning expert, Wealth Management,  Business Re-organisation, Accounting and Partnership Due Diligence.
Utilising the SBF Consulting’s professional network and its “satellite” professionals, Sacchetti is able to supply all-around “turnkey” assistance to foreign citizens in the field of buying and selling real estate and commercial enterprises,  as well as buying into business partnerships.
Sacchetti has held appointments or has ongoing appointments as Statutory Auditor in ex-Public Utilities Companies, public foundations, local authority-backed companies, as well as business partnerships and industries in general.

Mr. Sacchetti carries out criminal and civil appraisals using activities of mediation and due diligence in these fields:

  • evaluation of damage from theft, injury, misappropriation of funds, swindle, usury;
  • economic appraisals of industrial plants, trademarks;
  • auditing and due diligence;
  • interfacing with Court and Chamber of Commerce.

Knowledge of foreign languages:
English and French: excellent speaking and writing ability
Spanish: excellent writing ability, good speaking ability.